Building - Director, Robert Casanova

City of Southgate
14400 Dix-Toledo Rd., Southgate,  MI 48195
Office:  (734) 258-3030  Fax:  (734) 281-6670
Office hours:  Mon/Wed/Fri - 8:30-4:30  Tue/Thur:  8:30-2:00

Building Director
- Robert  Casanova (734) 258-3010 ext 3130
Commercial Plan Reviewer - Dave Collins
Building Inspector
- Tim Leach (Mon-Fri): (734)258-3010 ext 3131

Plumbing Inspector - Jerry Halash (Mon, Wed, Fri)
Electrical Inspector - Jim Hill (Mon, Wed)
Mechanical Inspector - Steve Carnill  (Mon, Wed, Thur)

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CHECK FIRST! Most home improvement projects require a permit.  A permit is usually required, but not limited to:
  • Additions
  • Residential work (fences, garages, water heaters, concrete, pools, re-roofs, windows, etc.)
  • Renovations
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • HVAC (heating & cooling, ventilation)

Homeowners:  When dealing with a contractor, it is in your best interest to have them  pull permits and arrange for the proper inspections.  The permit fees are the same for contractor or homeowner.  We strongly recommend that when you hire someone to do work for you, that you ask them to provide you with a copy of the permit. If the homeowner is doing the work, a homeowner's affidavit is required to be filed.

Please Note:  A 24 hour notice is required for inspections.  A permit will be cancelled when no inspections are requested and conducted within six (6) months the date of issuance or the date of a previous inspection.  Cancelled permits will not be refunded or reinstated.

Permits Applications - (please fill out completely)

Building Permit Application
Electrical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Fence Permit and Checklist/Fence Ordinance

Fence Agreement In Lieu of Survey
Homeowner replacing fence in existing location form
Sign Permit Application and Checklist
Mechanical Permit 

General Applications/Forms:

Commercial Re-Occupancy Application & Procedures
Rental Property Application
Vacant Property Registration Application
Vacant Property Ordinance
Garage Informational Packet
Ordinance Officer Complaint Form
Homeowner's Affidavit
Pipeline Safety from DTE


Building Permit Fee Schedule
Mechanical Permit Fee Schedule
Electrical Permit Fee Schedule 
Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule

Brownfield Authority Redevelopment Application: