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For the past thirty years, Joseph Kuspa has owned and operated a wholesale produce business in Detroitís Eastern Market District. During that time he has been an advocate for increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, childhood nutrition and the need for increased urban access through participation in such organizations as the Wholesale Center Citizens District Council, the Eastern Market Advancement Coalition and the Detroit Fresh Food Access Initiative Taskforce. Mr. Kuspa is also a founding member of the Eastern Market Corporation, the entity that manages the 130-year-old public marketplace and surrounding district. He currently serves as the organizationís Vice Chairman.

A lifelong resident of Southgate, MI, Mr. Kuspa served on the Southgate Community Schools Board of Education from 1976-89. After a 20-year absence, he returned to public service in 2009 to become the Mayor of his hometown. During his tenure, Mayor Kuspa has made significant strides in "re-inventingĒ local municipal government and how public services are delivered. His administration has been at the forefront of shared services and the formulation of a new and more sustainable employment model. He has also led in the promotion and implementation of practical green technologies that have made the City of Southgate a recognized regional leader in energy conservation, production and efficiencies.

Mayor Kuspa received his bachelor degree in Business Management & Administration

from Wayne State University (1980).